When I was a child, almost every man I knew worked in the fluorite mines. Now, those mines in Hardin and Pope County, Illinois have closed.  Driveways glittered as the sunlight danced on streaks of fluorite in the gravel. Now, fluorspar specimens are heirlooms passed on to the next generation. Where I live, we call fluorite "fluorspar" or simply “spar.” I am a Spar Miner's Daughter.

I have chosen to share my heritage with you through unique handcrafted jewelry. Each item created by me honors my father, who spent over twenty years underground, and my husband, who worked both underground and “on top” during his twenty-five-plus years as a miner/drill man.

Blue Fluorite
Black Fluorite
Clear Fluorite
Purple Fluorite
Fluorite Facts
"Fluorite, the official Illinois State Mineral, was discovered in 1839 by James Anderson while digging a well near Fairview Landing one half mile SW of this site. Fluorite was a waste product until the steel industry began using the mineral in their open hearth process in 1888. 
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Unique Handcrafted Jewelry from the Spar Miner's Daughter

Me next to father, who worked in the fluorite mines
My specialty is my multi color bracelet design, but I also create one of a kind pieces such as necklaces, earrings, and tie tacks.  I use only sterling silver or gold-filled wire, findings and beads in my jewelry projects. I used less expensive, abundant Chinese fluorite to cultivate my talent, and I do offer those pieces to you. Designs displaying rare Illinois fluorspar are the heart of this website.  

The figurines are made with craft wire. Spar Heads are “people” with twisted wire bodies, a 12mm bead of Chinese fluorite for the head, and at least one other fluorite bead to represent an occupation, a hobby or an event. I think the carpenter’s hammer was the most difficult task to date.

I am proud to bring the beauty and history of fluorite to you through my unique handcrafted jewelry.  Please browse my web site to view my work and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. 

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